Mini Reunion, June 23-24, 2001

A Mini Reunion was held in conjunction with the Class of 1961’s reunion in June of 2001. The Class of 1961 also sponsored a Shortridge Choir Reunion the same weekend where members of the Shortridge Choirs who sang for Don Neuen gathered and actually performed that weekend. There was also a gathering on Sunday, June 24th at Cheryl Boringer Troyer’s home. Before you click on the link to look at the pictures, note that there may be one or two people who have changed a little so you can come back here to see who they are. (Sorry, your aging webmaster couldn’t figure out how do to captions under the pictures.)

  1. Robert Tarleton Smith (and you thought his name was RT?) & Tom Ehrich.
  2. Marti Davis Gilbert, Cheryl Boringer Troyer & Paula Bryant Jones
  3. Cheryl Boringer Troyer, Paula Bryant Jones & Carol Stout Greene
  4. Marilyn Copeland, Don Neuen (both choral teachers when we were there, in case you don’t recall) & Tom Ehrich
  5. David L. Miller, Marti Davis Gilbert & Tom Ehrich
  6. David L. Miller, Cheryl Boringer Troyer, Marti Davis Gilbert & Tom Ehrich
  7. Lisa Neuen (Don’s late wife), Don Neuen & Cheryl Boringer Troyer
  8. Margie Masson Stribley, Cheryl Boringer Troyer & Marilyn Copeland
  9. Tom Ehrich & Marti Davis Gilbert
  10. Margie Masson Stribley & Jack Wickenkamp
  11. Tom Ehrich
  12. Front Row – Joan Cox McCoy, Cheryl Boringer Troyer, Judy Van Devender (Joe’s wife)
    Back Row – Tom Campbell, Margie Masson Stribley, Jack Wickenkamp, Joe Van Devender, Tom Ehrich, Marti Davis Gilbert, David L. Miller, Glenn Troyer (Cheryl’s husband)
  13. You should recognize everyone by now!
  14. Ditto
  15. Ditto
  16. Robert Tarleton Smith joins Margie and Cheryl