After 60 years, a few of our Classmates are missing!  We know your first reaction is:  How could this possibly be?!  But we have a better response:  How can we help?

We’re glad you asked.

Here’s our list of Missing Classmates (see below).  Can you help us locate any of them?

Let us know their current name(s) and whereabouts.  If you have telephone numbers and email addresses, all the better!  Perhaps you know of siblings, parents, other relatives or friends who might know how to contact them.  Just pass along the information, and we’ll try to get in touch with them right away.

Sure, after over 50 years some of our friends left Indiana, changed their names, maybe even changed the color of their hair.

Send information to

(List Updated October 20, 2023)

Last Name First Name Married Name
Allen Jean
Allison Thomas James
Anderson Jimmye Ruth Edwards
Ault Nancy Carol
Bailey Earl
Barton Virginia Sue Hartzog
Barton John
Bell Doris Jean
Bell Kenneth David
Bennett Linda Faye
Bentley Karell Ann Taylor
Biedinger John
Blair Sharon Elizabeth
Blunt Joyce Evelyn
Booker Chiquita Jill
Boyd Susanne Ellen
Boynton Judith
Bradley Kathryn Estella
Brandon Charles Alvin
Brewer Richard David
Brown Carolyn Sue
Brunsma Jenny Louise
Burks Larnell Bagley
Cambell Christina Marie
Caudle Manana
Childers Sue Ann
Childs Deborah
Clark Carolyn Sue
Clark Linda Kaye
Crawford Andra Jean
Crowe Andrew Lewis
Cunningham Veronica Lee
Daft Elizabeth Ruth Clyburn
Dangerfield Sandra Rhea
Doney Olga T. Willoughby
Dotson Rita Francis Smith
Dumas Carol Marie
Freeman Deanna Jean
Gantz Jean Ann Cone
Golden Victoria
Gonyer Harry Alfred Jr.
Greene Ralph L.
Hall Deanna
Harding Kenneth
Hardy Raymond
Hathaway Charlotte Darlyne
Hayes Walter J.
Higgins Timothy Walter
Hittle Patricia Lee
Horton Darlene
Houshour Tom
Howard Grace
Howarth Dona
Jackson Mattie Mae
Johnson David W.
Jones Richard
King Leroy
King Patricia Ann
Kinnaman David H.
Kittrell James Wesley
Knoop David
Knox Janice Confer
Lee Billy Wayne
Lee Frank J.
Lewis Shirley Ann
Lindeman John
Lindsay Larry Steven
Long Richard Franklin
Mark Michael
Massey Joyce Linnese
Maxberry Phyllis
McAnulty Patricia Ann
Milam Ann Taylor
Miller Glen
Miller David Van
Mills Dana Joanne
Moore Tony
Morris Rodney R.
Moss Ralph Peter
Newman Roland Henson
O’Brian Marcia Chaille
Oldham Sylvia
Oliver Jonnie Mae Warner
Phillips Sharon Yvonne
Porter Katherine
Posey Iva Jean
Price Nancy Young
Ramsey Patricia Eileen
Rayburn E. B.
Reeves Jon Paul
Robertson Paula
Robinson Victor
Rock James A.
Roney Shelia Marie Cox
Sargent Neil Edwin
Satterfield Francita Lucille
Schultz Sharon Francine
Shannon Beverly
Shull Victoria Kay Moore
Sinclair Howard S.
Sloka Karl
Smith Stephen Morris
Spelman George Robert
Strong Andrea Marie
Tanner Lawrence
Trotter Geraldine
Turntine Joyce Anne
Tyler John D.
Van Beurden Sonja Wilhelmina Hibbard
Vaughn Shirley Ann
Vaught Freddie Ray
Velonis Chris
Walker Stephen Wayne
Walters Pamela Sue
Washington Verna Jean
Watts Jacqueline
Webb Merline Green
Webb Norma Shirley Cruz
West Claudia Price
White Leroy
Williams Dean
Woodruff Dorothy Love
Wyatt Dave Ray